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[DisableIO]<Server name>

Permanently disables all I/O devices associated with the named I/O Server for the current session.

This means that the "PLC Server I/O device off-line" hardware error message will not be seen for these devices when the I/O server is not available.

This parameter is useful to bypass the connection to I/O servers on start-up when there are many I/O devices and some of them don't yet exist.

The effect of this setting is therefore similar to issuing the Cicode function IODevControl twice with Type set as 0 and 1 respectively, and with the value of the INI setting used as the `Data" argument (enable or disable).

To enable this I/O server, delete the setting from Citect.ini file or assign 0. If you want to comment out the setting, use the exclamation mark character (!), not a semicolon (;), otherwise CitectSCADA may hang on start-up.

Note: Parameters of [DisableIO] are not standard ones. On start-up, CitectSCADA tries to load all device names into a symbol table and use ";" to separate them. If ";" is used to comment out [DisableIO] parameters, it will send initialization of the client system into a dead loop.

Allowable Values: <I/O server> = 0 or 1

Default Value: None



where IOServer03 is an I/O server in your project. This setting will disable all I/O devices associated with IOServer03.

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