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This parameter is designed to reduce #COMs when using dialup or scheduled devices. The #COM is often a result of how tags are blocked together in the IOServer.

This is the global INI setting. This setting is allowed at a per device level by:

[<unitname>] CacheOptMode = x


By default, the IOServer only searches for tag data requests to be within or equal to a single cached tag set; for example, cache has tag address points 1 to 10, and then 11 to 20, and a request wants addresses 5 to 6, this is permitted. If, however, the request was for items 9 to 11, the system would not return a match and would request a read from the driver. For a disconnected dialup unit, this would cause a #COM or #WAIT.

CacheOptMode Values are:

For dialup devices, CacheOptMode=1 covers the majority of needs.

Allowable Values:

0 - No login

1 to 31 - Combination of above values

Default Value: 0

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