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• Do not use the Kernel for normal CitectSCADA operation. The Kernel is only for diagnostics and debugging purposes.

• Configure your security so that only approved personnel can view or use the Kernel.

• Do not view or use the Kernel unless you are an expert user of CitectSCADA and Cicode, or are under the direct guidance of Technical Support for this product.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.

Determines how many of the CitectSCADA Kernel tasks to run before releasing the CPU to other Windows programs or other non Kernel activities within CitectSCADA. CitectSCADA will release the CPU if it runs out of its own tasks. If you set this parameter too high, you will reduce CPU resources for other programs running at the same time, and may delay responses to user input.

Allowable Values: 1 to 50. However it is recommended that you use the default value.

Default Value: 15

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