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Specify the minimum legacy version from which the current version will accept connections.

Connection attempts from processes which are on or above the specified value will be accepted.

Connection attempts from processes which are below the specified value will be denied. the established connection will only be as secure as the earlier of the two connected versions.

Note: Alarm properties will not be displayed correctly if the client is an earlier version than 7.00 and the server is of version 7.00 or later.

The value for this parameter is created using the following formula:

(Product Major Version x 1000) + (Product Minor Version x 10) + (Post Release Version)

Note: The Post Release Version will be zero for major releases and will be incremented as required for hotfixes and service packs.The post release version can be found in the about box after the build number in square brackets.

For example, for version 7.10, use (7x1000) + (10x10) + (0)=7100

Allowable Values


Default Value:7200

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