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The name of this CitectSCADA computer. Each computer should have a unique name. This name is used by the MsgOpen() function to identify each computer.

If you leave the computer name blank, CitectSCADA sets the computer name to the same name as the Windows Computer Name (as set up in the Network section of the Windows Control Panel). The Computer name is only supported by Windows for Workgroups.

If you have set the [Lan]GroupName parameter to 0, the Computer Name must not be the same as the Windows Computer Name, or the names will clash. In this case, CitectSCADA prefixes the computer name with "CT". For example, if your Computer name is COMPUTER1, CitectSCADA uses CTCOMPUTER1.

Note: This parameter is modified by the Computer Setup Wizard as well as the Computer Setup Editor.

Allowable Values: Any valid computer name

Default Value: Unknown

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