Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Memory Parameters > [Memory]MinPhyK


Sets the minimum physical memory before CitectSCADA generates the error message "Citect low on Physical memory" and the hardware alarm "Low physical memory".

The way Windows calculates the available free memory can be unreliable under some conditions. The error message can display when you do in fact have enough free physical memory, and you might want to disable this error by setting this parameter to 0. However, you should check that you really do have enough free memory to run CitectSCADA before disabling this parameter - running out of memory can cause a severe degradation in system performance.

You should also use an 8MB persistent swap file to give you some virtual memory. Be aware that if you use temporary memory or a large virtual memory setting, the memory check is unreliable.

Allowable Values: 0 (disable) to 300

Default Value: 300

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