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This parameters specifies the color used to fill in the background when a page being displayed is smaller than the minimum width of a window.

The minimum width for a window is 132 pixels. The minimum page width required to fill this window therefore becomes 132 pixels - 2 * <border width in pixels>. In CitectSCADA, the border width of a Window is determined by the function WinNewAt, which specifies the window type used via the Mode argument. The following table shows the minimum page width supported by each different display mode:

WinNewAt (Mode) Border size Minimum page width

0 = Normal window



4 = No resize



8 = No icons



16 = No caption



If a page you are trying to display is smaller than the relevant width above, it will display left aligned with the remaining space filled by the color specified by this parameter.

Note: This parameter should only be used for existing pages that cannot be redrawn. New pages should be made larger than these minimum widths.

Allowable Values: 0x000000 to 0xFFFFFF

Colors defined as an RGB value. For example:

Default Value: 0xBFBFBF (gray)

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