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This parameter is a boolean, defaulting to 1 (true). When this parameter is set to 1,CitectSCADA windows will maintain their aspect ratios during resizing. When set to 0, windows ignore aspect ratios during resizing, allowing the window to change to the exact required dimensions.

There is also a new page mode which can be specified when you call the Cicode function WinNewAt to create a new window. This new mode will be ignored if [page]MaintainAspectRatio has been set to 0, every page will not maintain its aspect ratio on resizing. But when [page]MaintainAspectRatio is set to 1, this new mode is taken into account. In this situation, if 4096 is added to your mode argument passed into WinNewAt, the new window will NOT maintain the aspect ratio during resizing.

Allowable Values: 0 or 1

Default Value: 1

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