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Milliseconds delay before the Startup page is shown. This is to be used in conjunction with the [Page]SplashTimeout parameter to determine the timing of the launching of the splash page and the startup page.

If StartupDelay is negative then the startup page can be called manually by the user using the Cicode function MultiMonitorStart().

If no splash screen is specified then this parameter is ignored.

Allowable Values: -1 - 32767

Default Value: 3000

Note: Setting [Page]StartupDelay to be less than [Page]SplashTimout will cause both the splash page and the startup page to be displayed in two separated windows at the same time momentarily. This will make the window number of the Startup page be 1 instead of 0. If your code depends on the window number of the startup page being 0, you can set StartupDelay to be greater than SplashTimeout so that the splash window and the startup window is displayed one after another, and the startup window will end up being allocated window number 0. Alternatively, you can set a window name to your startup page via parameter [Page]StartupWinName (default is StartWin) and retrieve the window number of your startup page via Cicode function WinNumber("<StartupWinName>"). This allows you to find the window number of your startup page regardless of the timing of the startup display sequence.

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