Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Path Parameters > [Path]<PathName>


Defines a substitution data path in the project's system parameters. You can specify logical data paths (for data storage and retrieval) on your system. You can then use a data path shortcut instead of entering the full path to the data.

For example:


In this case, trenddata is defined as the shortcut to the c:\data\mytrends path. This shortcut can be used in CitectSCADA forms. For example, a trend tag's "File Name" field may contain the string "[TRENDDATA]:\trend_fast_00001". CitectSCADAthen expects the trenddata path to be defined in the system parameters or in the INI file. See Using Path Substitution. The reserved shortcut names which the system uses can be found in Default path definitions. If one of these reserved path names are used, a "Path not suitable" error is raised on system startup.

To define (or change a path substitution):

  1. Choose System | Parameters.
  2. In the Section Name box, enter PATH.
  3. In the Name property, enter the path substitution string.
  4. In the Value property, enter the full data path.

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