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ProcessAnalyst Parameters

CitectSCADA uses the Cicode function SetLanguage to switch languages at runtime. To allow the Process Analyst to determine the language it should display, you must map your CitectSCADA language databases to the Process Analyst resource files.

To do this, add a new .ini section called [ProcessAnalyst] to the Citect.ini file on all your CitectSCADA clients and servers, and create a mapping for each language. (Note that this section might already exist in your Citect.ini file.)

The mapping must use this format:


where <dbf> is the name of a specific CitectSCADA language translation database, and <ProcessAnalystLanguage> is the language code of the resources.dll file containing the equivalent translations.

For example:


Ensure that each of your machines contains the necessary language fonts. Windows XP and Windows 2000 both provide facilities to add the necessary languages to your machine via the Regional and Language Options dialog box, accessible from the Control Panel. This step is essential if you want to use Asian languages on an English operating system.

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