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Determines which devices are logged between the I/O subscription system and the associated CitectSCADA drivers. Messages are logged to the Kernel and syslog.dat.

Note:This only occurs on an I/O Server.

Allowable Values: Use an asterix "*" to specify all devices, or use a device name to specifiy a particular deivce.(e.g. "PLC_1234").

Default Value: No value, which specifies NO devices.

The parameter [PubSub]LogLevel determines the level of logging used for the specified device(s).


PubSub:(Device IODevDisk ) UNIT ACTIVE change from <none> () Priority -1 to IODevDisk () Priority 1

PubSub:(Device IODevDisk ) UNIT IODevDisk STATUS change => Offline to Online

PubSub:(Device IODevDisk ) Update Tag (Force=1): Tag=DiskTag1 RawValue=1 Timestamp=2010-06-03_16:00.18.225 RawQual=0x00c0 DSError=0 (0x0) Has changed

PubSub:(Device IODevDisk ) PollRead request : <Block>, Force=0, POINT=A0x00000001 T0x00000001 RawType 1 Count 5 (DCB=0x07f99a34)

Note: You can update this parameter within the citect.ini file while online, as the runtime system will read its value periodically or on demand. For more information, search the CitectSCADA Help for the topic Adjusting Logging During Runtime. To access the Help, select Citect Help Topics from the Help menu in Citect Explorer or Project Editor.

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