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The period at which CitectSCADA checks for reports to run. The shorter the period, the faster the Reports Server checks if a report is due to run. The faster the Reports Server must check for reports to run, the more I/O requests are made (to the I/O Server) for reports that are triggered from the I/O devices, and an increased CPU loading on the Reports Server results. You can slow the period (this parameter) to reduce CPU and I/O Server loading.

Note that, if a report is triggered off a bit, the bit must remain high for at least twice this period so that the Reports Server notices it. For example, if this parameter is set to 1000, a bit should remain on for 2000 msec so that the Reports Server notices that it goes on and off. The exact period depends on how fast the data can be read from the I/O devices. For example, if it takes 2000 msec to read all the data for the report triggers (this is slow), the reports are checked every (1000 + 2000) = 3 seconds.

This parameter can be defined at the finest level of hierarchical granularity ([Report.Clustername.ServerName]WatchTime). See Hierarchical Parameters for more information.

Allowable Values: 100 to 60000 (milliseconds)

Default Value: 1000

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