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Determines the method used to fill gaps in a trend file and graph caused by missing trend samples. You can choose either the Step or Ratio method.

If you choose Step, CitectSCADA will fill the gap with a sample of the same value as the last real sample.

If you choose Ratio, CitectSCADA will fill the gap with a sample which is calculated using the ratio of sample times and values immediately before and after the gap. The gap in the trend graph will then be filled with a straight line.

Note: For gaps to be filled, you must also set the parameter [Trend]GapFillTime or [Trend]GapFillSamples.

If you want to fill gaps left by missing trend samples on the trend graph only (and not in the trend's file), you must use TrnSetDisplayMode() instead of this parameter.

Allowable Values:

Default Value: 0

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