Parameters > Citect.ini File Parameters > Trend Parameters > [Trend]GapFillSamples


Determines how CitectSCADA processes missing trend samples (i.e. gaps in the trend file and graph). If the number of missing samples is less than the value you enter here, the gap will be filled. Gaps larger than or equal to this value will not be filled.

If you enter 0, no gaps will be filled - the gaps will actually appear on your trend graphs.

Note: To use time (instead of samples) to determine which gaps will be filled, set this parameter to -1. [Trend]GapFillTime will then be used. If you set it to any value greater than or equal to 0, [Trend]GapFillTime will be ignored.

The method used to fill the gap is specified by the [Trend]GapFillMode parameter.

To fill gaps left by missing trend samples on the trend graph only (and not in the trend's file), you must use TrnSetDisplayMode() instead of this parameter.

Allowable Values: -1 to 1000000

Default Value: -1

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