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FTP server redundancy

CitectSCADA supports FTP Server redundancy. If the primary FTP Server goes down, CitectSCADA will attempt to connect to the FTP Server on the standby machine. This occurs independently of I/O Server redundancy, so the two FTP Servers need to have the same passwords and the same directory structure.

FTP Server redundancy is configured by setting parameters in the [CLIENT] and [DNS] sections of the Primary FTP Server's Citect.ini file. These parameters are downloaded by the Internet Display Client (IDC) to its own Citect.ini file if the Primary FTP Server becomes inoperative, provided the [INTERNET]Redundancy parameter has not been set to 0 (zero). The IDC then uses the downloaded redundancy information to connect to the standby FTP Server.

Note: Standby FTP Servers need not be Internet Servers. The Standby FTP Server can be any server using TCP/IP that the IDC can connect to, provided there are IDC licenses present in the network.

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