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Inside the kernel

When displayed, the CitectSCADA Kernel consists of an application (client) window called Main and one or more child windows. At startup, the Kernel window displays information about your CitectSCADA startup processes. The Kernel window also displays runtime system messages, providing a continuous operational history of your CitectSCADA system.

The Kernel window contains a command line interface (similar to the Command prompt) where you can type in Kernel commands to perform a Kernel operation or to display other child windows.

Note: Access to the Cache and Cicode Kernel commands is password-protected for security. For details, see Access to Cicode and Cache commands.

By default, CitectSCADA runs in one instance on a single processor. With this configuration, a single Kernel window reports on every processe.

If CitectSCADA runtime is configured to run in multiple instances, each instance has a separate Kernel window that displays instance-specific system messages; for example, trend-related system messages appear in the Trend window in the Kernel. You can switch between Kernel windows by using the Kernel menu on the Kernel window menu bar.

For a default configuration, the Kernel window displays the following messages:

The next line of information is the start up time and CitectSCADA version number.