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Integration with CitectSCADA

The Process Analyst integrates into the CitectSCADA system and is designed to work primarily with the CitectSCADA Graphics Builder and the run time environment. But the Process Analyst can also be embedded in custom Visual Basic and .NET applications. In these situations CitectSCADA is still necessary.

Integration with Historian

The Process Analyst integrates with the Historian Web Client, a component of CitectHistorian. The Process Analyst is deployed as an ActiveX object within the client, allowing it to be operated within Internet Explorer via a connection to a Historian Web Server.

To facilitate this, the Process Analyst supports a Historian connection. This needs a URL server address for an available Historian Web Service. See Configuring connection properties.

Once established, a Historian connection allows pens to be added to the Process Analyst that represent data archived to a Historian database.

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