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Security and Permissions

The Process Analyst integrates into the CitectSCADA security model by allowing access to certain Process Analyst features based on the privilege level of the currently logged in Operator.

The Process Analyst has nine privilege levels. Privilege level zero (0) indicates there is no security and any user can perform the function. Levels 1-8 map directly to the eight (8) privilege levels of security provided by CitectSCADA. The Process Analyst, by default, assumes the area of the page that it is situated on; this can be changed in the Graphics Builder. So if an operator has area access for the page and has privilege level 1, and the function they want to use is level 2, the function will be unavailable. If the operator had level 2, the function would then become available. The Process Analyst also supports the CitectSCADA Hierarchical Privilege security option.

Security can be applied to the following features: