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Menu Configuration tool

The content of the menus can be configured via the Menu Configuration tool, which is launched from the Citect Configuration panel of the Admin Tools page.

The Menu Configuration tool has two panels. The panel on the left represents the menus configured for the current project in a directory structure. The panel on the right includes information about the item currently selected in the left panel.

The directory in the left panel is a graphical representation of a DBF lookup table that forms the basis of the menus displayed at runtime. The hierarchical structure is determined by the following fields within this table:


The page field is defined as either "Generic", or the name of a page within the project. Generic specifies that the menu is associated with every page, a specific page name indicates the menus that will appear just on that particular page.


Name(s) of the menus included on the specified page.


Item(s) that appear within each menu.


Submenus that appear in a menu (optional). Adding a sub menu automatically removes the action defined for the menu item it is branched from, as the parent becomes a placeholder for the list of sub menus.

The Menu Names that appear are the five defaults: Pages, Trends, Alarms, File and Tools.

The fields you can expect to see associated with an item, as defined in the DBF table, are as follows:


Either the name of the page to display or a Cicode function. If specifying a Cicode function, it needs to be prefixed by a question mark ("?"). To invoke a Cicode function that has arguments from the Menu System, use the following format: function name, space, comma-separated list of string arguments. For example, ?LoadPav dP45.pav.


The login privilege necessary to trigger the associated action.


Indicates if the item is currently disabled (embossed). For example, if the current login does not meet the necessary privilege set for the item (see above), this field will be set to True and the menu item will appear embossed to indicate its currently not active.


Indicates if the menu item is currently checked (with a tick). True indicates


Specifies the width of the button (optional).

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