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Q: How do I open a page on startup?

A:CitectSCADA searches for a page called "Startup" when it starts up. If CitectSCADA locates this page, it is opened automatically. You can change the name of the default startup page with the Computer Setup Wizard, run in Custom mode. See General Options Setup for details.

Q: How do I get the Page Next and Page Previous buttons to work on new graphics pages?

A: Use the page Properties (File menu in the Graphics Builder) to define the next page and previous page.

Q: How do I display pages starting with '!'?

A: Turn on the List system pages option, under Options in the Tools menu of the Graphics Builder.

Q: What does the '!' mean when it is the first character in a page name?

A: The '!' means the page is a System page. Pages that begin with '!' will not appear on the default menu page or in the Page Select combo box.

Q: Is it possible to associate more than 8 variable tags to a Super Genie. I am using theAssPopup()function but it only allows me to use 8?

A: You can use the AssVarTags function to associate up to 256 variable tags, or use arrays.

Q: I have just created a Genie and want to add a privilege to it. In versions 3 and 4, I was able to hold down CTRL and double-click, but it doesn't seem to work in this version?

A: This is an effect of the addition of version 5 property-based objects. To add a privilege field, you need to add another field to the Genie form by adding %privilege% in the Privilege field of the Genie.