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Pasted Symbol Objects

The Paste Symbol tool allows you to insert a symbol from a library onto the graphics page.

After a symbol is pasted using this tool, it can be moved, resized, reshaped, brought to the front and so on, and its properties edited just like any other type of object.

Pasted [library] symbols can be linked to their source, so that changes made to the original are inherited by the pasted symbol.

To display the properties of the objects in the symbol (after pasting), hold the Control (CTRL) key down and double-click the specific object. Alternatively, choose Tools | Goto Object, click the object, then click OK.

To learn more about creating symbols, see Using libraries.

To paste a symbol from the library to the page:

  1. Click the Paste Symbol tool or choose Edit | Paste Symbol.
  2. To paste a linked symbol, select the Linked check box. To paste an unlinked symbol, deselect the Linked check box.

To break the link:

  1. Select the symbol.
  2. Choose Edit | Cut Link.

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