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Pelco Camera Support

This feature adds a button to the Graphics Builder toolbox, which will allow two of the Pelco Camera ActiveX controls to be easily added to a graphics page. This control provides an ActiveX component that will connect to Pelco IP cameras with configurable bandwidth usage for slow network connections and auto-resizes video to fit the ActiveX control size.

The two ActiveX controls supported are:

Video Streaming - Fully Resizable, multiple bandwidth levels, MPEG4 Video, returns the camera name and model.

Camera Control PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) - Communicates with DVRs and IP cameras. Featuring pan zoom and tilt, iris, focus, presets, patterns and adjustable speed.

The button is only enabled if you have installed the Pelco camera software. Refer to the Pelco camera software documentation for further information.

For details on configuring and using the Pelco Camera ActiveX control, refer to the documentation installed with the Pelco product.

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