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Using Objects

Objects are basic drawing entities that you add to your graphics pages. Objects are drawn using the tools in the drawing toolbox, and can be moved, reshaped, or copied after they are drawn. Objects are defined by a set of properties, which are assigned when the object is drawn, or afterwards, by double-clicking (these properties will override any conflicting Cicode Display functions).

Most objects can be assigned keyboard commands and access rights, and can be configured in such a way that they change dynamically at runtime when an expression returns a certain value, or a variable tag changes state. They can even be used as sliders to change the state of a variable.

Note: If an object is part of a group, part of a pasted Genie or symbol, or part of the page's template, you can still access its properties. Simply hold down the Control (CTRL) key and double-click the object. Alternatively, choose Tools | Goto Object, click the object, and then click OK. However, if there is still a link to the original Genie/symbol/page template, the object properties are mostly read-only.

Each type of object has its own tool:

Free Hand Line Objects

Straight Line Objects

Rectangle Objects

Ellipse Objects

Polygon Objects

Pipe Objects

Text Objects

Number Objects

Button Objects

Symbol Set Objects

Trend Objects

Cicode Objects

Pasted Symbol Objects

Pasted Genie Objects

ActiveX Objects

Process Analyst Objects

Database Exchange Control Objects

Pelcro Camera Support


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