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Report example

The following is an example of a report format file (for a printer or ASCII file device):

{Time(1) } {Date(2) }
Shift Production {Shift_Prod:###.##} tons
Total Production {Total_Prod} tons
{! The following Cicode displays "Shift Report Complete" on the screen}
Print("End of Report")
Shift_Prod = 0; ! Reset the Shift production tonnage

Prompt("Shift Report Complete");

This report produces the following output to the device and displays "Shift Report Complete" on the graphics page.

6:00am 12/3/92
Shift Production 352.45 tons
Total Production 15728 tons
End of Report

To edit a report format file:

  1. From the Reports properties form, select the relevant report, and click Edit. Alternatively, click Edit Report.
  2. Select the report to edit
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Note: If the report format file exists, it is loaded into the editor for you to edit. If the file does not exist, CitectSCADA creates a new file.

To change the report format file editor:

  1. Click the Options tool, or choose File|Options.
  2. Enter the name of the new Editor.
  3. Click OK.