Using the Process Analyst > Process Analyst for Operators > Interacting with the Process Analyst > Scrolling the Chart

Scrolling the Chart

The Process Analyst allows you to scroll through data in both the horizontal and vertical directions by dragging the mouse or spinning the mouse wheel.

To scroll by dragging:

  1. Click and hold down the left mouse button on the pen (or background) that you want to scroll.
  2. Drag the mouse in the direction you want to scroll:
  3. Release the left mouse button to complete the scrolling.

To scroll by using the mouse wheel:

  1. Click the pen or background that you want to scroll.
  2. Spin the mouse wheel in the direction you want to scroll:

You can disable scrolling in the horizontal direction, the vertical direction, or both by using the Property dialog box or the right-click (context) menu; see Configuring pen axes and Using the Right-click Menu for details.

The Process Analyst indicates whether scrolling is enabled or disabled by displaying a different-shaped mouse pointer; for details, see Understanding Mouse Pointers.