Using the CSV_Include Project > Using Pages and Templates > Trend Page Templates > Selected Trend Field
Selected Trend Field

Displays information relating to the trend tag(s) currently being mapped in the trend chart, including a name, the current value and the scale range.

The field is color coded to match the graphical display, hence the colorful nature of the listed fields.

To load a trend into a Selected Trend field, right-click the field. A menu appears allowing you to select a trend or clear the field. Once you have loaded your selected trends, you can make a particular pen the focus of the graph by clicking this field. An arrow to the left of the field indicates it is currently the focus trend.

This field appears slightly different when using instant trending, as the graph will be displaying current data for a variable tag, not a trend tag. In this case, the selection field appears as below, with the tag name, current value, description and sample period displayed.