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Trend Page Templates

The CSV_Include project includes templates for the four following types of trend display:

The Trend, Double Trend and PopTrend displays allow you to select and display trend tags from your CitectSCADA project on a color-coded linear chart. Being based on information coming from the CitectSCADA Trends Server, these displays are supported by stored historical data that can be recalled if necessary.

The Instant Trend display is unique as it allows the selection of up to four variable tags for display. This allows you to visually monitor a tag without having to set it up within your CitectSCADA project as a trend tag. You can even load tags directly into the display by hovering the mouse over a tag value on a graphics page and keying in a plus sign (see the parameter [TrendX]KeySeq).

There are limitations to this feature, however, as data is only available from the time the display is launched and is lost when the display is closed. The Instant Trend feature has a duration setting that limits the amount of time the display can remain open, you can adjust the default setting for this via the parameter [TrendX]Duration.

For details on implementing instant trending, see Setting Up Instant Trending.