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Setting Up Instant Trending

Instant trending allows you to monitor a variable tag visually from your CitectSCADA project, without configuring the tag it as a trend tag. Without the support of the CitectSCADA Trends Server to facilitate this functionality, instant trending requires you to perform the following setup:

  1. Include the CSV_InstantTrend project. To implement the Instant Trend feature in one of your own projects, you need to add the CSV_InstantTrend project as an Included project. (See Including a project in the current project.)
  2. Enable the CSV_TrendX events. As described in Running the Computer Setup Wizard, you need to enable the events CSV_TrendXClient and CSV_TrendXServer for instant trending to work. Verify that both events are enabled on the Trends Server computer, and that CSV_TrendXClient is enabled on any runtime machines that will use instant trending.
  3. Call the Instant Trend display. Verify that any buttons or menu items you configure to launch the Instant Trend display call the function CSV_TrendX_Display(). call this function with no arguments set, as this will implement the default settings. This loads the correct page with appropriate display settings.
  4. Set the default display duration. The Instant Trend window only stays open for a set period of time. Use the [TrendX]Duration parameter to adjust the default period of time as appropriate.
  5. Configure the Tag Selection dialog. You can decide whether or not to load a list of current tags into the Tag Selection dialog when using instant trending. Having no tags appear in the selection dialog might be useful if your project has many tags. See the parameter [TrendX]TagListEnable.
  6. Check the key sequence used to load tags. You can load tags directly into the Instant Trend display by putting the mouse cursor on a tag value on a graphics page and pressing the plus (+) key. However, make sure that this key sequence does not clash with other application functionality. To change the key sequence for this feature, see the parameter[TrendX]KeySeq.

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