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Setup for localization on Windows 2000

You need to have Administrator privileges to perform the following setup.

  1. Open Control Panel and double-click Regional Options.
  2. On the General tab under Language Settings for the System, make sure the language you want to localize with is in the list and "Checked". If it is not, you need to add it.
    1. To add a language, click the Input Locales tab.
    2. Click Add to display the Add Input Locale dialog box.
    3. Select the language you want from the list.
    4. Click OK and follow the on-screen prompts.
    5. Note: You will need your original Windows Installer CD.Once the language has been installed, repeat steps 1 and 2, and continue on to 3.

  3. Click the Input Locales tab.
  4. Verify that your language is listed in the Installed input locals list.
  5. Click back to the General tab.
  6. Click Set default to display the Select System Locale dialog box.
  7. From this list, select the language that you want to localize to and click OK. This step is necessary if you are using Asian characters on an English system. (This may require a system restart.)
  8. Note: When you are finished localizing, switch this option back to its original setting.