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Specifying languages for the Web Client

A Process Analyst running inside a CitectSCADA Web Client also supports run time language switching, but you need to configure the languages that the Web Client will download to the client machine.

To configure the languages to download:

  1. Create a zip file in the CitectSCADA\bin folder called
  2. Add to the zip file the language resource DLL files that you want the client to download and use. (You can find these files in your \Program Files\Common Files\Citect folder.)
  3. Note: The file and its contents are not version-checked. This means you need to manually remove the from the Web Client machines if your server contains a more recent file. To do this:

    1. Find the installation directory of the Analyst.dll file on your Web Client machines and look for a file called in this directory.
    2. Delete this file.
    3. Reconnect to the Web server to download the latest file.