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Super Genie Library Objects and Associations

When you define a Super Genie, you are actually creating a Super Genie template, similar to a page template. When a Genie calls the Super Genie library object, this template is used to create a new Super Genie page. At this point, any Associations saved with the template are copied across to the Super Genie page. However, if subsequent changes are made to the Associations of the template, the Associations of the Super Genie page are not updated.

After the Super Genie template associations have been modified the Super Genie page created from the template needs to also be updated. If it is not updated then your page may display out-of-date e associations.


To update the Super Genie page associations with changes made to the template:

  • Find and delete the Super Genie page (remember it may be prefixed with an exclamation mark (!))
  • Re-attach the Super Genie page to the Genie. On attaching it this will create a new Super Genie page that has the updated associations.

Failure to follow these instructions can result in death, serious injury, or equipment damage.