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Interactive Alarm List

The alarm page templates (except the Hardware Alarms template) feature an interactive alarm list that supports the following functionality:

Adjustable Columns

The user can adjust the columns displayed on the alarm list. Options include:

Selection of Alarms

The user can select single or range of alarms on the alarm list so that the same operation can be applied to multiple selected alarms in one go. Alarm selection works as follows:

Context Menu

Right-click on any alarm row to bring up the context menu for alarm operations. If you right-click on an alarm that is not already selected, this will select it. Subsequent commands (selected from the context menu) will then only operate on this single alarm. On the other hand, if you right-click on any alarm within a selection range, this will not change the selection. Subsequent commands selected will operate on each alarm within the selection range. Several operation options are available in the context menu:

Note: The Hardware Alarms template only allows a single alarm to be selected. Its context menu has only the Acknowledge option which is also restricted by the privilege set by parameter [Privilege]AckAlarms.