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Using Pages and Templates

When you create a new project based on the Tab Style templates, the following templates are available for you to use as you create your graphics pages. These templates share Common Navigation Functionality, such as a customizable tabbed menu, a navigation toolbar and an alarm toolbar. This section describes the templates and their buttons, menus and tools.

The Tab Style template project has the following templates:

Template Type



Standard graphics page. See Normal Page Template.


For users who want to create their pages from scratch. See Blank Page Template.


Includes Alarm, Disabled, Hardware and Summary for displaying different types of alarm list. See Alarm Page Templates.

Process Analyst

Includes SinglePA, DoublePA, PopPA. See Process Analyst Page Templates.


Includes SpcPareto, SpcCpk, SpcXRSChart, EventSPCXRS, MeanMeanChart, RangeChart and StandardChart. See SPC Page Templates.


Includes File, File_RTF and File_HTML for displaying a plain text file, rich text format file and HTML file / URL respectively. See File Page Templates.

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