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Understanding the Process Analyst resources

The Process Analyst uses a special file, called Resources.dll, to store of its display strings and dialog boxes. This file holds the native translations for your version of the Process Analyst; these native translations are considered the default language. For example, the Japanese version of the Process Analyst will contain Japanese resources inside the Resources.dll file.

A separate Resources.dll file needs to be created for each individual language that you want to support in your system. Rename the file using a special format to indicate the language. The Process Analyst expects the file to be named Resources_<LanguageCode>.dll, where <LanguageCode> is the unique identifier of your dll.

For example, if you are creating French resources, name your dll Resources_fr.dll. CitectSCADA uses the RFC 1766 standard for specifying culture names.

See Also

Creating your own Process Analyst resource.dll

All language Resources*.dll files needs to be placed in the same directory as the Analyst.dll file.

The example below shows a system that contains English as the default, and has alternative languages of French, German and Chinese.