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Using Accumulators

Accumulators track incremental runtime data, such as motor run hours, power consumption, and downtime. You set a trigger (for example, motor on) to increment three counters:

The accumulated data is stored as variable tags in an I/O Device. Variable tags are read at startup and updated regularly while the trigger is active. You can monitor and display accumulated data by animating, trending, or logging the variable tags.

Note: You can control (re-read or reset) any accumulator at runtime by using the AccControl() Cicode function.

To configure an accumulator:

  1. Choose System | Accumulators. The Accumulators dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the accumulator properties.
  3. Click Add to append a new record, or Replace to modify an existing record.

You use the Accumulator Properties dialog box to configure your accumulators.

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