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Using groups

You can group multiple objects. A group has a unique set of properties (much the same set as an object) which determine the runtime behavior of the group as a whole. (The properties of the individual objects in the group remain unchanged.) By defining group properties, you can specify that the entire group changes dynamically under specific runtime conditions (for example, when an expression returns a certain value, or a variable tag changes state).

To edit or view the properties of a group, double-click it. If there are several groups on your page, choose Tools | Goto Object. This allows you to see which groups and objects are on your page, making it easier for you to select the object you want to edit. It also allows you to display the properties of the objects (or groups) that make up the group. (You can also edit the properties of an object in the group by holding down the Control (CTRL) key and double-clicking the object. Alternatively, select Goto Object from the Tools menu, select the object, then click OK.) This is useful if your page has groups within groups.

A group can be a mix of objects and other groups.

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