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Using Instant Trending

Instant trending is natively supported by the Process Analyst. The steps to implement instant trending are as follows:

  1. Create a Process Analyst page. Create a page that has a Process Analyst object on it. You may create these pages based on the provided tab style templates. For a fullscreen page, create the page based on the SinglePA template. For a pop-up page, create the page based on the PopPA template.
  2. Set the sample cache duration. Samples collected for Instant Trends are kept in the cache up to a default number of samples and time period. You can adjust these settings using the parameters [Trend]InstantTrendSamples and [Trend]InstantTrendIdleTime.
  3. Call the Process Analyst Display. At runtime, call your process analyst page either as a fullscreen page or pop-up page using the Cicode function PageDisplay(pagename) or PagePopup(pagename) respectively.
  4. Add Variable Tags / Local Variables for Trending. Use the Add Pens dialog provided with the Process Analyst to add pens to the process analyst chart as normal. In the dialog, you can now select any variable tags or local variables for trending.

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