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Using symbols

You can create symbols to use on your graphics pages.

To create a new symbol:

  1. Click New, or choose File | New.
  2. Select Type: Symbol
  3. Note: You can also create an object (or group of objects on the page) and then choose Edit | Copy to Library.

To open an existing symbol:

  1. Click Open, or choose File | Open.
  2. Select Type: Symbol.
  3. Select the Project where the library is stored.
  4. Select the Library where the symbol is stored.
  5. Select the symbol you want.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Note: To delete a symbol from the library, select the symbol name and click Delete.

To save the current symbol:

  1. Click Save, or choose File | Save.
  2. Select the Project in which the library is stored.
  3. Select the Library in which the symbol is to be stored.
  4. Enter a name for the symbol.
  5. Click OK.

For details on using symbols on graphics page, see Pasted Symbol Objects.