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Variable data in alarm messages

The Alarm Desc field of digital, advanced and time-stamped alarms can be used to display variable data. An expression (variable tag, function etc.) can be embedded into the text of the Alarm Desc field. This expression is evaluated when the alarm is tripped, returning the value of any variable tags at the point in time when the alarm was generated.

Enclosing the expression in braces separates the variable data from the static text. For example:

Alarm Desc

Line Broken Alarm at Line Speed {LineSpeed1}

When LineSpeed1 is a variable tag, this expression will produce the following output on the alarm display or alarm log:

Line Broken Alarm at Line Speed 1234

The following alarm entry uses an expression instead of a tag:

Alarm Desc

High Level at Total Capacity {Tank1+Tank2+Offset()}

When Tank1 and Tank2 are variable tags, and Offset is a Cicode function, this expression produces the following output:

High Level at Total Capacity 4985 liters

Note: The result is formatted according to the formatting specified for the first variable tag in the expression. Standard variable formatting specifiers can be used to define the format for the numeric variable, over-riding the default format specified in Variable Tags.

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