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What to look for

All systems in CitectSCADA start smoothly. When commissioning a system, check the Kernel. If any element does not initialize properly or reports errors at startup, your CitectSCADA system is not working correctly and investigate.

Common causes of startup errors are:

Use the Main window to check that your I/O Devices come online correctly when starting. First the ports need to initialize, then the I/O Device itself will come online. When a device does not initialize as expected, CitectSCADA displays a message such as "PLC not responding", "I/O Device Offline" or similar.

Some I/O Devices might take two attempts to come online. If so, CitectSCADA waits (usually 30 seconds) and tries again. If the I/O Device does not come online after the second attempt, check your configuration (at both ends) and cabling.

Note: The Kernel continues to report changes in the status of I/O Devices to the Main window. This information might also be reported as alarms to the Hardware Alarms page.

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