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Working With Device Drivers

Drivers enable CitectSCADA to communicate with the devices in your system. Every communication setup in CitectSCADA needs drivers to implement the protocol and transport. Often this means two separate drivers, but in some cases both are combined into one driver – termed a ‘board’ driver.

CitectSCADA has over 140 device drivers available, enabling communication with a vast array of production devices across several communication types. These include generic drivers that support industry-standard protocols such as OPC and Modbus.

The driver you will need to communicate with a particular device is determined by:

To add a particular device to your CitectSCADA project, you will need to determine the driver necessary to support it. If the particular driver is not installed with your current version of CitectSCADA, you will have to obtain a driver pack and install it separately.

Note: The word ‘driver’ is often used when referring to communications. A driver is a component piece of software that implements a protocol or transport (or both). Drivers are modular, such that new drivers can be easily ‘plugged-in’ to existing systems.

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