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Installing a Driver Pack

If a necessary driver is new, or has been recently updated, it may not be included among those installed with your current version of CitectSCADA. If this is the case, you will need to obtain a Driver Pack and install it separately. See the Citect Driver Web at

You need to install a driver pack on the computer that will connect to the target device. This computer needs to be configured as a CitectSCADA I/O Server. It needs to be also be installed on any machines where the CitectSCADA project is compiled.

Before installing the driver pack, close your CitectSCADA runtime environment and Citect Explorer. You need administrator permissions for the I/O Server PC.

To install a driver pack:

  1. Save the driver pack to an appropriate location on the I/O Server PC.
  2. Double-click the EXE file to launch the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions provided by the installation Wizard.
  4. You are prompted to select the CitectSCADA installation folder. If you installed CitectSCADA in a different folder to the default, browse to that location. An alert message will alert you if you have selected the wrong folder.
  5. Click Finish to complete the installation.

After you have installed a Driver Pack, the associated help will be automatically merged into the Driver Reference Help.

Note: If you are installing a driver pack on an older version of CitectSCADA that precedes the initial release of the driver, the supporting help may not appear automatically in the Driver Reference Help. If this is the case, you can locate the driver help in the CitectSCADA bin directory. The help file will be named <drivername>.chm.

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