Power consumption characteristics of devices

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In order to reconstruct the actual needed output, models must be used which represent the power consumption of the switched off components. These models are allocated to different classes.



Constant output

When switched on, an aggregate (pump, furnace) runs with a previously defined power consumption. Accordingly the output is reduced by the amount of the power consumption when the device is switched off. In this case it is enough to indicate the nominal power as a constant.

Directly temperature-dependent

The temperature dependence of the devices is directly dependent of weather effects and rises with thermal output approximately proportional to the negative gradient of the outdoor temperature.

With respect to cooling capacity the behavior inverses itself.

Loading period model

At that the temperature makes itself felt with the size of the switch-on output and the length of the following loading period until the output drops when all heat stores are full.

Dependence on the switch-off time

At that several devices - because of the temporary cool down or warm up - are switched on dependent on the previous switch-off time. After a short period of time they switch themselves off again.

Dependent on the production process

In the industry sector behavior can occur - caused by production processes - which are subject to no behavior patterns or dependencies. These can only be determined by the production schedules.