Input values

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As input value the EMS expects a value from a counter or a calculated value which is supplied by the drivers or the result of the calculation of a mathematical formula in zenon.

Attention: It must be made sure that the value is supplied exactly one time in the update interval. Values must not be absent or be there twice.

The dimension: MW, kW , kWh oder m3

The system is designed on the basis of kW and hour. Therefore all power and energy amounts which must be entered in parameterization masks refer to these dimension. Internally the EMS functions calculate without the dimensions. Thus it does not really matter in what dimensions the values are delivered and interpreted as long as they refer to the same basis. The base unit can be either kW or MW.

In the natural gas area it is also possible to calculate with standard m3. Combarability of the cubicmeters must be granted. This is only possible when using the standard cubic meter. The conversion of cubic meters in amount of energy and its timely connection is not necessary.

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Because the EMS is a component which can cause high costs if it fails, it is very important the the input values are secured. It is recommended that values for this module are secured by using sensible alternate values resp. an alternate value strategy.