Function of the system when natural gas is used as the power source

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The measuring period normally is an hour or a day when natural gas is supplied. During this time the determined amount of natural gas at the hand-over point is rated.

If the limit is exceeded, here a high price must also be paid. The definition of the price when the limit is exceeded is much more specific than in the electricity area.

Basically in the gas grid it is also targeted to not exceed the agreed limit.

Possible interventions are the following:

Using natural gas which is stored in gas storages is important because it may only be small amounts which are available but these are needed during peak demands. Independent of the amount of the stored natural gas, a strategy must be defined how these storages are filled again over short or long periods of time.

Possible actions

The exceeding of the limit with hour contracts is inhibited by a consumptions projection with turning off or switching devices.

Basically the expansion of the measuring period to a (gas) day is possible. However there are times during the day in which the behavior of the trend leads to unrealistic large amounts at the end of the day. In addition the balance between night and day is not taken into consideration. Therefor in this case the system is built in a way that: