Interlocking and visibility

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You can forbid the user the access to certain areas of the recipe table by using either interlocking or visibility. The difference is that with interlocking the corresponding area is grayed out and with visibility it is not displayed at all.


You allocate an interlocking to each variable in the column interlocking. The dropdown list shows the available interlockings. In the Runtime the line is displayed normal or grayed out depending on the state of the interlocking.

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For moiré information see also Interlocking.


You allocate a visibility to each variable in the column visibility. The visibility is controlled by the individual limits of the visibility variable. If a limit occurs for which the property invisible was activated, the corresponding variable is not displayed in the recipe table.

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The recipe table is refreshed after every change of an allocated state. During the engineering keep in mind that a frequent change of the allocated states can be a problem during the Runtime.