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In the tab General the different parameter of the straton Runtime can be changed:





Port (Main):

IP port of the straton Runtime for the cyclic data transfer (e.g. straton Workbench).

Port (Binding):

IP port of the straton Runtime for the on change data transfer (e.g. CA_PRODUCTNAME Workbench resp. binding).



No start. Open this box:

When the straton Runtime is started, first this box is opened.

Cold start:

Initialized run-up. Also retain variables are started initialized.

Cold start (loading of RETAIN variables):

Initialized run-up with current values of the retain variables.

Warm start:

Restart with all variable values from the last stop.

Delay [s]

Delays the start by the set number of seconds.

Default: 0

Storage path RETAIN data

Here the file with the retain variables is stored. The default setting depends on whether the straton Runtime is started.

Real-time priority

Sets the straton Runtime process to the windows priority Realtime. If the flag is not set, it means priority Normal.

Start in step mode

Starts the straton Runtime and immediately stops it in debug mode.

Write messages to STRATONRTLOG.TXT

Error messages which were generated by the straton Runtime are saved in this file. Attention: Writing log files can influence the PLC cycle!

info Info

If the straton Runtime has been started with the zenon Runtime or with the straton Runtime Manager, changes done in this user interface are not effective after a restart of the straton Runtime. Please make the changes as usual in the straton project properties of the zenon Editors or in the straton Runtime Manager.

In such cases the dialog helps to determine which parameters were forwarded to the straton Runtime.


The changes to the settings which were done in this dialog are only effective if the straton Runtime is started directly (e.g. using the Windows Explorer).