Slider Allowed maximum

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The slider Allowed maximum is used to guarantee other applications which run on the same device - such as zenon - system resources.

With this slider the maximal allowed execution time related to the cycle time can be set. If with a set cycle time of 10 ms the slider is set to 50% the PLC cycle may take a maximum of 5ms. If the PLC cycle takes longer that 5 ms, the remaining calculation is done in the next cycle. So one cycle has to be omitted from the PLC. This results in a cycle overflow.

The slider can be set between 10% and 100% steplessly.

The bar graph (PLC load) shows, how high the PLC load is in relation to the setting of the slider. From this you can conclude how to set the slider for an optimal tuning.

PLC load high (Slider between 50 and 100%): Set slider towards 100% or increase cycle time.