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If you want to use the functionality, you have to start this program instead of the Runtime. The programm then automatically starts the Runtime. The program locks all access to the operating system:


- Key combinations (Alt+F4, Alt+Esc, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Esc, Win key)


- Closing Windows


- Changing passwords


- Logging out


- Taskmanager


- Locking the computer


- Operating the taskbar

The locking cannot be avoided during Runtime. When the Runtime is closed, the locking aslo is stopped.

If the Runtime should be operable without these limitations, the Runtime has to be started instead of KeyBlock.exe.

info Info

When using the KeyBlock.exe with the autostart mechanism of the operating system, keep in mind that the autostart folder is user specific. If an other user is logged in, the program is not executed.

If the KeyBlock.exe is started using the autostart mechanism of the operating system, you can prevent the execution of the autostart programs by pressing 'Shift' during the system start.

attention Attention

If your project has no possibility to close the Runtime, you only can access the operating system surface after a reboot of the computer (hard reboot).

info Info

The described functionality is not true for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. In order to lock the systems keys in these operating systems, you need to install a 3rd party software.